Top 5 healthy food tips Amsterdam

Keeping your healthy lifestyle going strong while being in Amsterdam is a piece of cake! The city has plenty of options for healthy eating all over town. With these 5 special tips, we help you choose and feel good about the food you eat:

  1. Marit's Eerkamer
  2. Beter & Leuk
  3. Sugarless
  4. Spirit
  5. Meatless District


1. Marit's Eetkamer

Fresh and simple vegetarian 3, 4, or 5 course meals in a very stylish and intimate living-room atmosphere (Thursday-Friday-Saturday, reservation is needed). Vegan and private dining options are possible on request. At Marit's dining room, they work with environment-, human- and animal-friendly products only!  

2. Beter & Leuk

Organic, seasonal, and local products will be presented on your plate at this breakfast & lunchroom. They have great vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options too. Stick around for some shopping, as it's a café and shop in one!  

3. Sugarless

A lovely lunchroom where all dishes are free from refined sugars. Their products are fresh and organic too. And there are gluten-free options as well. 


4. Spirit

A different style of having breakfast, lunch or dinner, because they offer a huge buffet where you can mix and match your own healthy meal. Interesting detail, the price is based on the weight of your selection. Clear descriptions of the food are provided, but they love to answer your questions too. 


5.  Meatless District

Nice place for good vegetarian food at the Bilderdijkstraat on the Westside. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and vegan pies. 


We just want you to remember your stay in Amsterdam for a long time.

Photo credits: Marit's Eetkamer

  • Marits Eetkamer
  • Andreas Bonnstraat 34H
  • 1091BA
  • + 31-(0)20-7763
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